CDM Smith Animated Holiday Card

With more than 125 offices worldwide, clients that we work with in multiple languages, and a sales team that has the final call on any card sends, achieving engagement was no easy task. In 2018, CDM Smith hit the mark by featuring the holiday traditions that our employees treasure. We delivered this with both a print card and a templated email that linked to our holiday greeting web page, which featured an animated card and fun bonus content.

I took the lead as project manager for this: I developed the concept, pitched it to our executive team, constructed the timeline for varying deliverables and promotion, reached out to our employees for participation, executed the print card design and animation.

The illustration style and color palette unified print and digital editions. The morphing animation style implied that no matter the tradition, we are all connected at this time of year while the music I chose emphasized the light-hearted and celebratory tone. Using animated text instead of voiceovers eased translation and reduced execution time. I illustrated the components in Adobe Illustrator, but executed the animation in After Effects and the print design in Indesign.

Below you can see the animation, and here is a link to the full webpage.


Here is the corresponding print card design.

Inside Top
Inside Bottom