Credo Values Posters

Credo strongly believes that all actions within company should stem from their five core values: service, teamwork, humility & humor, innovation, and responsibility. To reinforce these values, they asked me to create 3’x2′ posters to hang in the office entryway. I decided to illustrate the values and integrate both the value and description into the artwork. The inspiration for these images derived from value badges that my design intern had created previously (featured at the bottom). Credo employees view the company as having a good sense of humor, whimsy and quirkiness, which led me to the decision of designing these posters in a pseudo children’s book style. You can see the process below: I sketched out ideas, created initial low-fi thumbnails in Illustrator for approval, and then rendered them in Photoshop. Below are the final images.






Below are the low-fi versions of the posters.


Here are some initial sketches for the project.


Below are the original badges that my intern created, which in tern inspired these posters.