AllBright Night

Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation has an annual fundraiser called AllBright Night where they celebrate the community’s effort to make Allston Brighton a connected group of neighborhoods. I was hired freelance to create the logo/banner image for this event. ABCDC came to me with this request for a logo that was “artsy, unique, and a little funky” to show Allston-Brighton as a place others will want to live. They wanted the logo to include some iconic figures of Allston Brighton with an artistic and celebratory flare.


The t-shirt above displays an enhanced version of the design they approved. As a resident of Brighton, there were certain aspects that I felt represented the community and physical area well: the Charles River, the B line, the Brighton Center clock, the reservoir, fairly priced housing, various music venues, and a lot of good food. I started off with the general shape of the neighborhoods and their relationship to the Charles River. The paint splatters represented the fun, eclectic, messy side of Allston-Brighton while catering to their request for “artsy, unique, and a little funky.” After that I layered on the icons to represent the different elements that Allston-Brighton have to offer. The type parallels the flow of the river while evoking the nightlife energy of neon signs. I chose the color palette based on the event’s name “AllBright Night.” I thought the trio of yellow, light blue, and navy blue would represent the energy of living in Allston and Brighton from daylight to nighttime. Below I took the design and developed a simplified logotype for smaller applications. This reduces the above imagery to a few key elements: The Charles River, the two neighborhoods coming together, and the “artsy, unique… funky” shown through the paint splatters and type.


Here are a few initial sketches sent to them for review.