DxB “People First” Social Media Campaign

In spring 2015, I started volunteering for the Design Exchange Boston event in September 2015. The event’s theme was “People first.” The first series of social media graphics were created to generate curiosity about the event’s theme, and so I took the anonymous answers we received to the question “What does people first mean to you?” and created text-based graphics highlighting these answers. The next phase of graphics included more detailed information about the event, and then reasons to attend. The event had a lead designer who created the overall identity including a color palette, fonts, and graphic elements. Within those constraints, I created the following graphics to accompany social media posts to advertise the event.








Reasons-31 Reasons-33 Reasons-FB-Twitter-12Aug-10 Reasons-FB-Twitter-12Aug-14Reasons-FB-Twitter-19Aug-12Reasons-FB-Twitter-19Aug-02