Credo Online Reference Service Redesign

Credo’s flagship product Credo Online Reference Service was created in 1999, and by 2010 their design looked very outdated. Credo Online Reference Service is a tool for students to find preliminary research for their papers, projects, general schoolwork. During the redesign, I tried to keep the layout similar as to not disrupt the user’s experience too much so the site architecture remained similar with some minor tweaks to content layout. The company’s main brand color is purple and that similarly remained in the redesign. With that in mind, I was able to restyle the site in a way to freshen the look up and add a little more color in addition to making slight alterations to the user experience to help streamline their research process. Below is how I redesigned their home page and an entry page.

The Mind Map is one of the site’s tools that became a key player in the platform update. It is a visualization tool to help students better understand the relationship between topics. This was a long, iterative process including user testing, user interviews, and many iterations. The Mind Map is still in the process of getting revised, but below represents it’s current state.

For reference, this is what the site looked like before the redesign.